Are you growing the expensive way or the new, affordable way?

If you’re a business and still advertising the expensive, old-fashioned way, and it’s not working…you’ve got to ask yourself “why”?

Many business owners are so busy running their companies, many times sales and marketing efforts get overlooked when this should be one of the first things we pay attention to.

If you’re struggling with growth, new customers or even customer retention, there is a new medium in the United States called Hot Spot Marketing or #SocialWiFiMarketing.

When you’re sitting at the doctor’s office, what are a majority of people doing?  When folks are waiting in lines, at restaurants – what are they doing?  If you haven’t noticed, they’re looking at their smart devices and usually trying to figure out if WiFi is available!

Small business can  now play in a much bigger arena, for less and large businesses can dominate marketshare by using this new technology.  When a customer in ANY venue logs into the FREE WiFi, your ads pull up.  When it’s done correctly (and that’s the key) it’s a welcomed ad by your new customer! If you’d like a copy of the free e-book on social wifi marketing and how you can use it to grow, email: and they’ll send you one promptly. Or call the and they can answer any questions you may have.  623-806-1212

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