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When customers log in to your WiFi through their social media accounts, we’re able to tap into valuable information and provide an enriched view of your customer profile – their demographics and behaviour; such as how, when and why they move around a physical space.


This deep customer understanding allows our clients to make evidence based decision making around a number of key business challenges, like space planning, customer relationship management and engagement.



People are using their mobile devices wherever they go, and for our clients, it’s important that they’re engaging with their brand, rather than competitor businesses.


Armed with the data Purple WiFi provides, our clients can offer customers personalised real-time communications, enhancing customer experience and driving sales.


Customers can be informed and supported within a venue, to find an item, identify a promotion or simply to access relevant and interesting information while they are absorbed in the buying process.



We’ve helped our clients to use WiFi marketing in numerous creative ways to add value to a product or service and deliver an enhanced customer experience.


Perhaps you’d like to reward customer loyalty with personalised real-time coupons? If you’re aware that occasional long queues cause frustration, you may like to recognise this, and offer a reward for the wait. Would your customers benefit from wayfinding, showing the best possible route to their desired destination within your venue?



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